5 Tips on How to be a WEIRD-o

So you want to be a WEIRD-o, huh? It’s about time! Here are 5 tips on how to become one.


1. Think like a WEIRD-o


If you want to be a WEIRD-o, the first step is to embrace all your quirks and eccentricities. Don't try to hide your WEIRDness—let it shine like a polished bowling ball hurtling towards the sun! Whether you love collecting vintage dentures or you have a weird obsession with boutique-brand cheese curds, be yourself and embrace what makes you different.


2. Act Like a WEIRD-o


Don't be afraid to pursue your passions, no matter how WEIRD they may seem to others. Whether you love kitten racing or taxidermy graffiti, go for it! As long as you’re not hurting yourself or others, don’t be afraid to get WEIRD with it.


3. Talk like a WEIRD-o


Being WEIRD is all about not taking yourself too seriously. Don't be afraid to crack absurd jokes or make off-the-wall comments—it’s all a part of the WEIRD-o way. Whether you have a dry wit or you love telling bad dad jokes, try to spread some laughs and generate some smiles.


4. Look like a WEIRD-o


Embrace your unique, personal fashion sense: If you want to be a WEIRD-o, dress the part. Mash up some genres, do a little cut-and-sew, buy some fabric paint and a bedazzler, and don’t be afraid to throw away the map while you’re on a quest to find your personal sense of style. Be authentic to yourself first and foremost. There’s enough sheep on the farm already.


5. Spread the WEIRD-o love


Support other WEIRD-o’s who are wandering on their own WEIRD path. Give ‘em a high five, a secret handshake, or slap a sparkly sticker on their forehead. Build your WEIRD posse and spread some love. 


Bonus Tip:

DRINK WEIRD is the unofficial drink of WEIRD-os worldwide. We celebrate those slam dancing to their own beat, erasing boundaries, inventing their own brand of fun and spreading positivity. We can’t guarantee that if you crack open a can of DRINK WEIRD that you’ll automatically be inducted into the WEIRD-o hall of fame, but it sure can’t hurt your chances. Get WEIRD; stay WEIRD!