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    The flavors and sweetness are perfect. These teas offer a great alternative to the highly caffeinated and highly sweetened teas that we see way too much of.

    Blaire C.

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    Was skeptical if all flavors could work. Each one possessed its own fresh taste and has grown in my Arsenal of “right now would be a good time for a (flavor) weird tea”. Good stuff, keep them coming.

    John B.

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    The whole family loves it! It's delicious, refreshing, low-calorie, and organic. We're all happy and can't wait to see it in more stores!

    Kathleen C.

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    As a non alcohol drinker I was so excited to recently find Weird Tea at SeaLegs at the Beach in Huntinton Beach. I love all 4 of them...absolutely delicious! If only more bars would offer a lower sugar, tasty non alcoholic tea option! I was so glad to be able to purchase Weird Tea for home delivery...high quality ingredients, delicious taste and pRead more about review stating Hooray for Weird Tea!!

    ortable can make these my new on the go tea.

    Paige S.

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    Really enjoyed the tea flavors, the mint was my favorite, had caffeine and non-caffeine choices. Not much of a carbonated water person, still enjoyed the freshness. The straight spring water was very refreshing, look forward to finding these items in the cool section of the stores soon.
    One suggestion I'd make on the can design. Being able toRead more about review stating Refreshing cool flavored teas and water

    recap a beverage is important for me, I don't always finish my beverage once I open it. This would be a great feature.

    Keli G.

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    Absolutely love these teas. First let me start off by saying the packaging is amazing and on brand for the product. The teas and water are absolutely phenomenal. Peach is by far the queen bee, but they’re all fabulous. And as a tired mom of two, I appreciate the extra delicious boost they give me. 10/10

    Blanca H.

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