We’re excited to announce our partnership with the one of the most iconic rock bands in the history of the universe—the Grateful Dead. Yeah, we’re not kidding. This is real life. 

A collaboration that brings together Drink Weird’s commitment to organic goodness and free-spirited weirdness with the musical legacy and cosmic vibes of the Grateful Dead. As kindred spirits floating through the ethereal atmosphere of our universe, this amalgamation feels unavoidable. How could we NOT join forces and spread the ethos of getting Weird and staying Grateful?! We hope you’ll join us on this mystical journey. The bus has plenty of open seats for those of you who have opened your minds. 

Available in Mystical Mint and Grateful Grapefruit all with 160mg of organic caffeine and no artificial junk.

These two incredible flavors are available HERE on our site and coming to a store near you! If you don't see it on your local stores shelves, ask for it!