DRINK WEIRD Teas and Yerba at Sprouts EVERYWHERE!

Drink Weird Teas and Yerba are now in Sprouts Farmers Market stores across the nation, over 300 locations! You can now get your organic tea fix from your local Sprouts from Philly to San Diego, Reno to Miami, Corpus Christi to Kansas City.


Sprouts Farmers Market: an Organic Shopper's Dream


Since 2002, Sprouts has been providing exceptional quality and organic products to their communities. Our shared passion for offering products made from natural ingredients you can actually pronounce makes Sprouts a perfect place for Drink Weird to expand. We’re proud to be offered in such a celebrated retailer beloved by their customers.    


Discover DRINK WEIRD in the New Products Section


All DRINK WEIRD Teas and Yerbas will be in the New Products section of your local Sprouts as part of their Forager Program. These sections are a standalone shelf island featuring other great new products. The location of the shelves is slightly different in each store so if you can’t find us, ask a friendly Sprouts associate!


Exciting Deals: 2/$5 on DRINK WEIRD Teas at Sprouts Farmers Market


To kick off our launch, all our teas and yerba are 2/$5 for a limited time! Grab two, grab four, grab twenty! Grab one for you and one for your friend. Sharing is caring, as they say.


With DRINK WEIRD now available at Sprouts Farmers Market stores nationwide, it's easier than ever to find and enjoy the best Teas and Yerba on the market. Visit your local Sprouts Farmers Market today and embrace the WEIRD!