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Purified Water | 12 Pack

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The universe’s best-tasting water, with an impeccable blend of minerals for life-affirming refreshment and supreme hydration. If you find a better tasting water, then you surely must possess some kind of dark sorcery, for there is no such thing in existence. Be gone, evil wizard! 

- 100% of our profits from WEIRD WATER go to charity. Always. 

- All DRINK WEIRD cans are made from infinitely-recyclable aluminum. If you want a plastic bottle, go jump into the ocean and fish one out. 

- Each can features original art from Michael Sieben, who is easily one of the weirdest humans we’ve ever met.

- DRINK WEIRD is independently owned and operated, so you’re not accidentally giving your money to a huge corporation, hellbent on global destruction. 

- Every time you drink a can of WEIRD WATER, the planet’s chakras align and three rainbows shoot out of the Earth’s core into your heart. It feels super good, kinda like a rubbing a puppy’s tummy. 


What’s WEIRD about our WATER? 

We firmly believe that water should taste good AND do good, that’s why we donate 100% of our profits to charity. Always. Not 1%, not 10%—100%. We invest our time and resources into doing good. We don’t think that’s WEIRD; we think it’s crucial. 

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Twelve 16oz Cans per case. That's 473mL if you prefer metric. That's right, you get 12 of them. A case.
(We wouldn't just send you one can!)

Our $30.00 per case price is the DELIVERED PRICE right to your door, no additional shipping fees USA's lower 48!

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