WEIRD TEA | Chamomile Hemp Hibiscus Tea | Organic Iced Tea | 12 Pack

  • $30.00


50 Calories & Caffeine Free | 16oz. Can

Hibiscus is popular all over the globe. In Ghana they call it sobolo. In Mexico, jamaica. In Italy, carcadè. (We know how to use Wikipedia, and we know how to make epic Iced Tea.)

When brewed, Hibiscus flowers taste fruity and tart. We paired it with Chamomile, another flower brewed for centuries and known for its calming, relaxing vibe.

2 flowers in one tea. Why stop there? Let's keep the vibe going.

We added GRAS certified hemp. GRAS means "Generally Recommended As Safe" and "generally safe" is underselling it. Hemp's great! It has a ton of health benefits that we can't legally tell you about according to our lawyers.

NOTE: This is hemp NOT marijuana. It doesn't contain any THC, it's not psychoactive. It's very legal & very cool.