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Organic Variety Pack | BEST SELLER | 12 Pack

  • $29.99

They say Variety is the spice of life. Our Iced Tea is not really spicy so maybe we should say that Variety is the "sweet" of life? Or Variety is the "juiciness" of life?

ANYWAY, you get the idea. We have the 3 best-selling flavors of our insanely good Iced Tea. Our Variety Pack has three cans of each flavor, which technically is a variety!

Try them all. Mix them together. Have fun. Let's Get WEIRD.


Twelve 16oz Cans per case. 3 flavors. 4 cans of each. That equals twelve.

Frequently asked questions

Twelve 16oz Cans per case. That's 473mL if you prefer metric. That's right, you get 12 of them. A case.
(We wouldn't just send you one can!)

Our $30.00 per case price is the DELIVERED PRICE right to your door, no additional shipping fees USA's lower 48!

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