Is Mountain High the Best Place to Drink Yerba with a Yeti?

According to Google, 

The Yeti (also called the abominable snowman) is an animal said to live in the Himalaya mountain range. 

In our quest to drink yerbas with yetis, and not travel across the globe, we've found a more convenient and cheaper option. An hour from Los Angeles, a quick detour off the 15 freeway through Wrightwood, you'll land at this local yeti's habitat. 

Welcome to Mountain High. A ski resort in the San Gabriel mountains known for it's proximity to the big city, rail gardens, sunny skies, and of course, the Foggy Goggle. 

While the yeti is a hard one to track down, turns out he's a huge fan of WEIRD YERBA. We picked up a couple cans from the cafeteria, headed up the chairlift and cracked em open. It's perfect bait to lure out this beautiful hairy creature. Soon enough, we were high-fiving a giant abominable snowman. 

While we haven't had yerbas with yetis in the Himalayas, we're pretty confident Mountain High is the best place to do it.